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After more than twenty-five years of experience, KEMEN is part of the world elite in the manufacture of high-quality fine shotguns. Our weapons stand out both in different disciplines of sport shooting and hunting: from battue and beatings involving different kinds of wild birds, to lone hunting with dog or hunting in squads.


In any one of these fields, it will be difficult to find a more balanced, effective, durable or aesthetic tool than a KEMEN. From the outset, we have been committed to combining quality work with high technology, an approach enabling us to stand out in the international arena.

Unique weapons.

At KEMEN, there is no standard weapon. All our shotguns are hand finished according to each client’s specifications. Our master craftsmen combine the tradition of the great arms makers with the latest techniques in high technology. The objective is to satisfy the demands of the most select clients.
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Kemen is a company dedicated to the direct sale and manufacture of fine shotguns that are used both for hunting and for sport shooting.

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