Lightness and strength. These are the words that best describe the Eder Titanium. A weapon that combines brilliantly craftsmanship and modernity, crafted in one of the most resistant materials on earth: Titanium.

Both the sidelock and the forearm in grade 5 titanium are painstakingly hand-carved by our team of master gunsmiths and engravers to produce a weapon that is capable of withstanding endurance tests of more than 100,000 shots.

Every shooter is aware of the importance of a good “swing”. The ergonomics of the forestock is one of the factors that contribute the most when executing precise movements at the right moment before pulling the trigger. From Kemen we want to help the shooter improve their swing with the addition of the new forestock, SGP (Supreme Grip Performance), made according to the specifications of each client in the best walnut.