Manufacture and Shotgun quartering

Grabados personalizado de escopeta

Custom engravings

Kemen allows each client to customize their shotgun by creating “unique shotguns”. Our engravers work completely by hand, ensuring that the tradition of this craft endures. We have a catalogue of engravings as well as different finishes in both titanium and steel for our superior models.

Kemen offers the client the option of customizing their shotgun with their own engraving. Contact us if you have any queries.

Quality in the stock woody

The quality of the wood is a very important feature for a shotgun of these specifications. That is why Kemen meticulously selects the most exquisite walnut wood for the elaboration of our stocks, checking both the degree of humidity and the direction of the grain.

The range of possibilities consists of 5 different levels, depending on the model and specifications of each client.

Máquina para fabricar culatas

Kemen shotgun spare parts

Kemen offers its customers the opportunity to obtain spare parts required for their ongoing use of their shotgun. In our online store you can see the different spare parts that we have available.

For any other queries, please contact us.

Download the exploded views of our Kemen weapons:

Guardamanos Kemen

Do you need accessories for your Kemen shotgun?

In our store you can find a wide variety of products: accessories, clothing and spare parts Kemen.

Visit our store.

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Kemen is a company dedicated to the direct sale and manufacture of fine shotguns that are used both for hunting and for sport shooting.

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