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At the end of the century, a legend was born. Its name: Kemen. Located in the Basque Country, where arms manufacturers have enjoyed an excellent reputation over the centuries.


High competition shooters worldwide and hunters of international prestige choose our Kemen shotguns for their quality, reliability and uniqueness. 

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The strength of Kemen can be summed up by the company becoming a benchmark in the field of shotguns in little more than 30 years, both in the hunting and sports sector.


We combine a demanding selection of materials used in the manufacture of our shotguns with the impeccable work of our craftsmen. The reliability of our products is such that the mechanical processes of all Kemen shotguns are guaranteed

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The essence of Kemen

Essence is the best word to describe Kemen as it carefully maintains the tradition of the shotgun makers that were forged centuries ago.

From its inception (1990), Kemen has earned an incomparable reputation amongst hunters and top competition shooters who demand the best in their shotguns.

The objective of Kemen is and will be to respect the tradition of the great shotgun makers without forgetting the advances made in the sector thanks to years of experience. The sum of our facilities and craftsman tradition allow us to create unique and prestigious weapons customized to the taste and needs of the client.

The Craftsmen of Kemen

The essence and character of a Kemen weapon is unique and unmistakable. This is possible due to the experience of our great artisans: stock makers, adjusters and engravers who respect tradition by handcrafting the most refined shotguns on the market. All our shotguns are hand finished according to the specifications of each client so that their shotgun is a projection of their personality.

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Escopeta Kemen

Armas Kemen, S.L.

Armas Kemen S.L. includes two types of products under its brand. On the one hand, Kemen Plus includes our exquisite shotguns for the hunting sector. On the other, Sport Kemen includes all competition shotguns.

We have direct sales at our facilities. We advise the client to adapt the shotgun to their build and requirements. We always look towards the improvement of the shooter both for hunting and competition, meeting the client’s requirements and combining this with Kemen’s ability to adapt the shotgun to the shooter.

We will be happy to receive you at our facilities and answer any of your queries.

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Armas Kemen, S.L.

Kemen is a company dedicated to the direct sale and manufacture of fine shotguns that are used both for hunting and for sport shooting.

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